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Memories of Nomads - 1974-1979, 1974

Submitted by Catherine Hammond on Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 12:11 pm


My name is Catherine Hammond and my family lived in Manila between 1974-1979. I have very fond memories of Nomads. It is where my family and I would spend every weekend. I was very young (about 12 years old), but I have so many great memories of Nomads. My father, Brian Hammond, was the Captain of the cricket team and would host plenty of touring teams and visit Hong Kong with a team from Nomads - I think they did quite well. I remember the six a side competitions were very popular.I know Dad was the 1st person to score a century on the new ground in Hong Kong on one of the tours. I also remember acting as the scorer on a few of the cricket matches and also remember the Beer Matches Dad used to organise. Nomads is where I learned to play squash. Along with my Mum (Lesley Hammond) we enjoyed many matches on the courts there. At that stage there were 3 glass back courts I think. I even remember a visit from one of the top squash players from Pakistan. I also used to play in the Women's squash team and represented Nomads in friendly matches against other clubs in the Manila area. I still have some of the trophies from Nomads' tournaments. I eventually went on to play State 1 level squash competition in Melbourne, Australia for a few years. I retired from squash about 10 years ago and enjoy the much m ore leisurely game of golf.I currently live in Brisbane, Queensland and always wonder what Nomads looks like now. I would love to come back to Manila one day for a visit. I went to the International School in Makati and lived in Dasmarinas Avenue.




Brad Hannam Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 1:20 pm
great article Catherine.
That was decades before my time. Not sure who would have been around in that era to give you an update. The club would have changed a lot. I will put your artcile on the notice board to maybe jog some memories. If you have some old photographs of Nomads which we could have it would be appreciated to build our records and have around the club. You could email them to me or to
brad hannam
Faisal Khan Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 1:35 pm
Hi Catherine.
Its so nice to hear from people who have been a part of Nomads in the past and still finds time to re-collect their memories. I did some research last year about nomads members and there are few names like David Reynolds (member since 1975), Timothy Davies(1976), Jay Savage (1979)who you may not remember but your Dad might have known. They are still active members of nomads. As for the cricket, it is still played on Sunday mornings as well as Friday nights under lights. Few Captains have changed over the years. I am not sure who took over from your dad but as far as my memory goes , there was Lionel Small, Chris Hartley, William Bailey and now its me. International School Makati is no longer in Makati but found a new home in Fort Bonifacio which in your time use to be Military area behind Dasmarinas village and Forbes Park.
If and whenever you plan to visit Manila, do drop by Nomads. Cheers


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