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Nomads 1967 - 1970, 0000

Submitted by Allan Proulx on Friday, November 2, 2012, 12:26 am


I am Allan Proulx and I remember playing rugby and hockey at the Nomads, both in Makati and also at Merville when it first moved there. My Dad, Mike Proulx, was a member probably from when he first went to the Philippines in 1947 and I know he used to play soccer and perhaps cricket too. I recall a rugby match we played against a team from a visiting Australian navy ship - and we won! Weight, I think, prevailed over stamina! Both Dad and Mum left Manila for England in 1980. At the time, I was at the American School in Bel Air which, I understand, is now in Bonifacio as the International School. Both Dad and Mum (Mary Proulx) left Manila for England in 1980.

I don't remember too many names - David Walker and Felipe Arundell, both great rugby players and supporters of the Nomads. There was also an American fellow whose name I don't recall but do remember he just loved the Nomads and rugby. On the afternoon he was flying back to Manila from his leave in the States, we were sitting at the bar after a game and watched his PanAm 707 landing at the airport. Within an hour he had joined us for a beer before even going home! All great stuff and wonderful memories!


matt freeston Saturday, November 3, 2012, 11:12 am
Hi Allan.
Thanks for your note. Your Dads name is familiar. I think he was on the board of directors when the club first incorporated in 1949.
The American you refer to might be John Baker. He was the club President for many years.
In two years time , 2014, it will be the Nomads centenaray. We are in desperate need of photos, old programs etc from the 40's to 70's, if you can lay your hands on any.
Good to hear from you Allan. You can keep in touch withn the goings on at nomads by following us on facebook. Just type in Nomad Sports Club.


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