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BoD Bares Plans for 2011

January 7, 2011  |    Share

In the first BoD meeting held last January 5, the board bared the plans for implementation this year. It discussed the following for implementation:

  • CARD SYSTEM - Launch of POS and membership system using the Legato Member Management System. Courtesy Point is the company appointed by Nomads to institute the program, installation and training of the back office. We hope to launch this in the first quarter. We are allocating PHP 750,000 for the project and Brad Hannam is leading it.
  • PERIMETER WALL REPAIR – as of press time, the repair of the perimeter wall that separates the club from the Merville residences along the parking area is underway. Faisal Khan, our consultant manager is in charge of this. Completion is also first quarter.
  • UPGRADING OF THE SWIMMING POOL COMFORT ROOMS – these two needs a badly needed upgrade with the re-tiling of the bathrooms, replacement of shower heads, installation of new taps and lavatories. We hope to complete this in the second quarter.
  • LANDSCAPING – the club’s physical appearance in the landscaping area will be improved within the year with additional plants.
  • CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND – this will be repaired within the year with the supervision of Faisal Khan.
  • FOOTBALL PITCH – turf replacement program from July to September for the other half of the field. By October, the field should have all Bermuda grass and the club should be on its way to having one of the best football fields this side of town.
  • NOMADS NEWS – maintenance of communication vehicles to keep members up-to-date of club issues. This includes Facebook and our website and hopefully Twitter.
  • CREATION OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR THE GLOBAL REUNION 2014 – In preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the club, the Executive Committee will be formed this year to be composed of active and dedicated members. They will form part of the team to spearhead the biggest reunion of Nomads members here and overseas.
    • Manila 10s in March
    • Easter Egg Hunting for Kids
    • Mini Soccer World Cup
    • Veteran’s Football Tournament
    • International Six-A-Side
    • Bonfire/Guy Fawke’s Night
    • Football Dinner
    • Children’s Christmas Party

We are looking for members who wish to participate in the planning and execution of children’s activities this year. Please feel free to email us if you want to volunteer.