Nomads Sports Club History

Board of Directors Elects Officers

January 6, 2011  |    Share

In a meeting held last January 5, the Board of Directors elected its new officers, with Jena F. Fetalino as President, Jonathan Thorp as Vice President and Treasurer, and Andy Goitia as Corporate Secretary. Brad Hannam was unanimously appointed as Committee Head.

Jena Fetalino is a Nomads member since 1989 and is an active media practitioner. Jonathan Thorp is the club’s former president and has been with the board for 6 years. His steadfast support to the club is unparalleled. Andy Goitia runs TempExpress, Inc. as General Manager and has been a Nomads member since 2000. Vahe (Vic) Akillian, British, is the President of Forssman HK88 and has been a Nomads member for roughly 5 years. Matt Freeston, British, runs ASTOCA and has been a member since 1986. Brad Hannam, our Committee Chairman runs Lycopodium.

Jena Fetalino

Jonathan Thorp

Andy Goitia

Vahe Akillian

Matthew Freeston

Brad Hannam