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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE: Everybody Wants a Happy Ending

February 28, 2011  |    Share

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

– Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor 121-180)


On the week commencing February 7, the club received the replies of Ed Du and the Hemlani’s Multisphere Trading Inc. through their lawyers to give their side on the cases plaguing our club. You can read the letters verbatim (see separate story).

Du, who has hyperglycemia with secondary seizure, could not be consulted by his lawyer for his reply in time for the February 10 deadline of Nomads News because he could not be subjected to stress.

However, just seven days after Du’s medical certificate was issued, his lawyers were able to file for their client a revised case that seeks to include Al Cervero and myself in the contempt of court case originally filed against the previous members of the Board. It was dated January 28 and is two inches thick with the prayer for imprisonment or payment of fines for the defendants.

And my take on Contempt of Court case where Al Cervero and myself were included? Well, just consider this : Can you ask a referee to issue a red card and suspend a player who is not even in a game?

Moving on to Kishore and Lorina Hemlani’s Multisphere’s letter, through Rivera, Santos and Maranan Law Offices, their client gave assurance that it shall respect the club’s and members’ rights.

We recognize that and thank you.

But there is a stark difference between respecting members’ rights and  acknowledging & acceding to members’ wishes.

Which brings us to the fundamental question: What do our fellow members really, really want in a major, major way?

They want Nomads Sports Club to remain a sports club, not terminally, but for the long haul.

They want to preserve and be part of its history and legacy of 100 years;

They want a club in the very same premises where it now stands – devoid of structures other than what is meant for sports development.

They want to safeguard the open space, the football pitch, which has given countless children and adults invaluable enjoyment which they want to pass on to their children’s children.

And they want a club free from the burden of leasing and the fear of having to relocate in a farther and almost inaccessible location in the future.

We all have rights that we have to invoke and uphold– but if one’s right is used to impede the advancement of  the collective good – that is another story, and it could not have a happy ending.