Nomads Sports Club History


December 10, 2012  |    Share

“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Despair. When I think of what the club is going through, this word comes to mind.

Reflect on this: a club that aspires for nothing but to own its home is being attacked for reasons beyond comprehension.

What are these? Let’s begin with the latest and most lethal to date:

Involuntary dissolution case filed by former Nomads president Edward Du in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Nomads engaged the services of CVC to defend its life. The law firm did so successfully as the SEC found. “no sufficient evidence to warrant the extreme penalty of involuntary dissolution”. The Order was issued last month the copy of which can be found in the Nomads website.

Land Case Transfer Certificate of Titles issued to Nomads (please check the Nomads website for the copy) were overturned and which we have appealed . The land purchase was contested by Multi-sphere which is owned by the family of Kishore Hemlani despite the signing of compromise agreement in 2010 recognizing Nomad’s right to buy the land.

Nomads already paid for it including the taxes. We don’t want to lease, not now, not in the future. This is what the club is fighting for in the courts.

Edward Du’s case against Nomads 2008 Board. These are volunteers that did their best for the club whose jobs and personal lives would be adversely affected far beyond their expectation.

Indirect Contempt of Court – filed by Edward Du section against the 2009 board.

Libel Case – filed against me by Edward Du due to a Nomads letter sent to him.

All that one has to ask is this: what is the motivation for all of these?

The cost of protecting the club’s rights to own the land and to fight for its right to exist comprise the bulk of these legal fees.

There are other issues facing the past and present board, not all legal, but that which require tenacity and an unbreakable spirit to keep the club standing. The issues and problems seem like they are meant to grind one down, but the board remains unyielding.

I think of Shiela Ubana, who, as well as running her own business and bringing up 3 young daughters, also finds time to act as Corporate Secretary of the Club. Vic Akillian is in his 70s who has an easier choice not to be involved given the risks, but still keen to serve. Andy Goitia and Matthew Freeston, both long time members who are proactively taking a stand to keep the club.

We all want to keep the club for the Nomads children and their children’s children: plain and simple.

To sum-up the bad news: the issues have not stopped and are just growing in intensity.

But take heart, we also have good news.

Andrew Hails. Played for the Philippine Team U14. Homegrown. A Nomad

Jeremy Theuer. Made it to the U21 National Football Team. A Nomad

Matthew Custodio. Made it to the U19 National Football Team. Home grown. A Nomad

Shanon Arthur. Made it to the Girls U16 National Football Team. Captain. Home grown. Talented. Promising. A Nomad

Stacy Arthur.  Made it to the Girls U13 National Football Team.  Our very own. A Nomad

They are just few of the many talents that play and enjoy our field, who proudly wear the Nomads jersey in tournaments and bear the country’s flag when playing overseas.

Emman Protacio. Club green keeper. Represented the Philippines in the World Bowls Championship in Adelaide among other international lawn bowls competitions. A Nomad

Manila 10s. Record attendance and epic success.One name: William Bailey. A Nomad.

Nomads Rugby. Getting stronger.  SEACup Champions 2012. Our very own. All Nomads.

Nomads Football. 27th International 6-A-Side Champions. Organizer: Shane Cosgrove.  Teacher.  A Nomad

Nomads Veterans. Bangkok All Stars Football Tournament Champions. Yes, vintage, but Nomads nonetheless.

Support for the Club. Within days of news of the attempt to close the club, support from here and various parts of the world came in leaps and bounds as outrage swelled.

And most importantly, Nomads Kids: United in their desire to keep the club as it is, their intentions are unadulterated: no hidden agenda and no strings attached. Nothing could be purer and nobler than this. In them lies the future of the club. They are the thread that forms the fabric that will give the blanket of security for Nomads. And given their solidarity, the thread count is high.

These fledgling talents and future champs that play on our grounds, who shed tears upon hearing of Ed Du’s attempt to dissolve Nomads, are the reasons we need to fight to keep the club. Their position is not wishy-washy, ambivalent and middle of the road. We adults can do no less than what our children are showing us.

When you cast your vote on December 15 during the Annual General Meeting, each name that will go on the board will have far reaching effects on the future of Nomads.

Let us not let our kids down, and fight this fight to the bitter end. As Gandhi once said, “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”