Nomads Sports Club History

Turf Drainage Upgraded

December 26, 2012  |    Share

The Nomads sports field is the club's biggest asset which requires maintenance and up-keeping.

Over the last 3 years, we have closed the field during the wet season, undertook major field works to improve drainage and to target bringing out the Bermuda grass as the natural playing surface of the field. It previously had up to 9 different species of grass which we have been killing off over the years.

During July-Sept 2012 most of the field was again closed and annual upgrades were made to improve the playing surface of the field costing around P400K in improvements.

The activities undertaken during the 12 weeks closure were:

  • 20T of gypsum applied and peppered into the soil
  • 10 truckloads of sand top dressing the field
  • Fertilizing programs and weed killing programs targeting specific species
  • Installation of herringbone drainage to half the field on long driveway side.

These activities and the new introduction of the gypsum (thanks to Gary Powell for the suggestion) have vastly improved the structure of the Bermuda grass.

Nomads still needs to manage our sports activities around protecting the field as best as we can. This will mean some sports activities may be cancelled if it is raining or shutting-out different areas which get worn down during training and games.

When one has a look at all the other sports playing fields in metro Manila , we think it is fair to say that Nomads has one of the best sports fields around.

We plan to keep improving it and look forward to our members' continued support for their club. Brad Hannam