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Nomads Centennial Logo Competition

March 11, 2013  |    Share

Deadline of submission is June 30, 2013.



The logo competition shall be judged on the following criteria:


  1. Appearance & Impact - 30%
  2. Signifance of the logo to the Nomads Centenary - 30%
  3. Originality - 30%
  4. Creativity - 10%


Elements required in the logo:


  • It should have the "carabao" logo.
  • It should contain the name "Nomad Sports Club"
  • It should have the years, 1914-2014.
  • It should reflect the Philippines in the logo.
  • The logo must follow the specifications below:
    The colors have no limit provided that green, black and white which are known Nomads colors are prominent.
    No restrictions on the shape.




  • 12 months free use of Nomads Facilities valued at PHP 33,600 for the winner who is not a member. For members, Nomads coupons worth PHP 10,000
  • A plaque and a formal recognition will take place during one of the Centennial activities in 2014.



All participants may submit only one design each which should be sent electronically in JPEG measuring 8.5 x 11 inches (high resolution) or in PDF format (600 dpi) to Centennial Steering Committee on or before June 30.


First Level: All entries will be posted on the NOMADS SPORTS CLUB Facebook Page.

The top 5 designs with the most number of “likes” will automatically be promoted to the next round.

Another 5 entries will be selected by the Centennial Steering Committee, short listing the total number of entries to 10.

Second Level: The Centennial Committee, together with three other judges will review the 10 logos based on the criteria set forth in this competition.

The winner will be announced on September 15, 2013 FACEBOOK PAGE and the NOMAD SPORTS CLUB website


All rights, copyright, title and interest to all the designs arising out of or in connection with the Logo Design Contest shall be the exclusive property of Nomad Sports Club who shall have the exclusive and unrestricted right to make whatever use or application in whole or in part, for use in any publication as NSC may deem necessary without any limits whatsoever as to time, place and number of publication and without payment or further compensation to the Designer.

The designer assigns the rights to NSC to use each submission for the promotion of the NOMADS CENTENARY with his/her entrance to the competition.

The designer certifies that the entry is original and the concept and design is his/her and his/hers alone. He/she admits that no intellectual property rights are violated in his/her entry. The designer shall hold harmless and free NSC from any claim, action or liabilities should his/her entry violates/infringes any existing design covered by intellectual rights here in the Philippines or elsewhere. In other words, the  designer shall be liable for all the claims and liabilities if he/she violated/infringed intellectual property rights.

Important Notes

The designer should submit a short explanation for the design of the logo and how the presentation of the elements are relevant to the Centennial Anniversary of Nomad Sports Club. A brief resume of the designer must also be submitted together with the design.