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Turf Replacement Scheduled in July to September

January 1, 2011  |    Share

In 2009, discussions were made with Bob Horan from Sports Turf Solutions (TST) about the state of the pitch and the constant battering it gets day after day. The field did not have the correct species of turf to cope with the use its gets - ( it had something like 8 species of grass and weeds-). Bermuda is the grass of choice for this type of facility.

It was decided to close down a long thin section (driveway side) and let TST trail run a poisoning and turf replacement program. This was done in 8 weeks and was very successful. After completion of the trial area, the Board decided to proceed in hiring Bob’s company to improve the pitch for around PHP400K.

FIELD Rental
Rack Rates

FULL FIELD (Min. of 1 hour)

 One hour (without lights)
PHP 3,000
 One hour (with lights)
PHP 5,000

HALF FIELD (Min. of 2 hours)

 One hour (without lights)
PHP 2,000
 One hour (with lights)
PHP 3,000
Interested parties please click here.

Last year, half the field was shut down during the leaner months, from end of July to end of September. It opened in October, and the grass is now looking brilliant.

The other half of the field will be shutdown during the same period this year to complete the project.

With the field considered as the club’s biggest asset, the several hundred thousand pesos it has cost to get it this far is well worth the effort. We hope all members appreciate the upgrading of the field and make good use of their facility.

Other football clubs or companies who wish to use the field can avail of the facilities subject to the terms and conditions of Nomads.




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