Nomads Sports Club History

2013 Board Bares Plans

March 11, 2013  |    Share

The 2013 Board of Directors re-elected Jena F. Fetalino as President, Andy Goitia as Vice-president and Treasurer, and Shiela Ubana as Corporate Secretary last January 7 during the first Board meeting held at Nomad Sports Club.

The Board also re-appointed Brad Hannam as Committee Chairperson, who will continue to be directly involved in the activities of the various club committees as well as coordinate with the Sports Captains.

During the first two monthly meetings of the year, the Board discussed their plans and agreed to focus on small improvements with optimum impact.



The projects include the following:

  • Main Bar Improvements – New cabinets were installed and a slush machine was acquired in time for the club’s biggest event in March, Manila 10s. It was launched during the first Ladies’ Night organized by Shiela Ubana last February 6.
  • Lawn Bowls Area improvement and maintenance
  • CCTV – Installation of closed-circuit television cameras in strategic parts of the club to improve security measures.
  • Field improvements and maintenance
  • PRE-CENTENNIAL Activities – Being drawn in preparation for the club’s Centenary in 2014 with the New Year Celebration serving as the opening salvo to welcome Nomads’ 100th year.

Capital expenses are being controlled by the Board due to the club’s financial situation. One of the biggest investments made by the club was the construction of the gym which was inaugurated in January 2012.

However, with the numerous cases filed by Edward Du in August last year, including the most serious one which was the Involuntary Dissolution case, the Board has to rethink any development plans for the immediate future.