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Mang Jun prepares for 2nd chemo

January 17, 2011  |    Share

Mang JunTwo more weeks of Eprex and Mang Jun might be given the seal of approval by his Oncologist and Hematologist to proceed with his second round of chemotherapy.

At the moment, Mang Jun’s hemoglobin level is too low for him to go through a brutal round of chemo – this needs to be corrected with a regular doses of Eprex is indicated to which stimulates red blood cell production.

His wife Neng is utilizing the funds that Nomads members raised for Jun’s medical and drug requirements and is doing this judiciously. Again, both of them are thankful for the support that you have shown and given.

If you wish to see him, please feel free to call Neng at 0906-215-13-32 for a schedule. Mang’s Jun’s house is located in Barangay Nomads, a few meters away from the Nomads’ Moonwalk entrance.




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