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Ladies’ Night a Success

March 11, 2013  |    Share

In line with the warmer, upgraded decoration of the Main Bar, what could be better than to fill it with our lovely lady members?

Step one was to talk to our friends at Forth & Tay to see if they could support us by promoting their Bacardi rum brand. Not only did they say ‘yes’ to that, but they also added in their new, delicious tequila brand – El Camino Real.

Step two was the decision that the party atmosphere would be maximized by bringing in a slush machine. This meant Nomads can now offer three different frozen cocktails on a never-ending basis.

Thanks to the Board for agreeing to invest in this machine. By the way, the slush machine is always on, so don’t limit your cocktail consumption to Wednesdays only!

The final step was to choose the right night. Holding the Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays was the easiest decision to make. The Ladies’ Rugby players are there for their practice, as are the lady soccer players.

So, all it needed was a little encouragement to follow an hour of exercise with an hour (or maybe a little more…) of frozen cocktails.

Our first Ladies’ Night was attended by over 60 ladies, some generously bringing along their male partners.

The all-inclusive, drink-all-you-can price of P295 for members was warmly welcomed and the cocktails started flowing.

Promoted on the night were frozen margaritas and cosmopolitans. The third drum of the slush machine was offering iced tea for the non-drinkers amongst the crowd.

Additionally, three Bacardi drinks were on special offer: Bacardi Mojitos, Bacardi Cuba Libre and Bacardi Apple with Sprite.

And just to ease the pain after exercise and cocktails, free back and foot massages were supplied to the ladies, thanks to the kind sponsorship of Therapoint.

The fun of a weekly ladies’ night has begun.

Come on down any Wednesday to join in the excitement, celebrate existing friendships and make a few new acquaintances at the same time.

See you there! -Shiela Ubana