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Ladies Soccer

March 11, 2013  |    Share

Ladies Soccer has had a huge resurgence from a few years ago. The Nomads Stretchmarks team (mainly made up of mums and kids) joined the first ever Weekend Football League for Ladies 10 months ago.  They are now in their second season in the league which comprises of 6 teams.

Whilst they haven’t had too much success on the field they are having a great time off the field with regular lunches, dinners, trips and greenbelt partying-all part of the team camaraderie.

The Stretchmarks may be a very social team however they take their soccer very serious too which is evident in their ability to burn out coaches.

They are on their 5th lot of coaches in 2 years..! (Mark Hartmann / Eric Antoine / Matthew Hartman all left due to the stress of dealing with the Stretchies)

New Coach Andy Hains is now promising them the world, he was even overheard promising a few players that they will win a game..!

Current stats are: played 8, won 1, lost 7, 3 yellow cards (2 to one player… hint initials are JG).

Should any other ladies be interested in joining the Ladies Soccer at Nomads, feel free to touch base with the club or email

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